About Us

Main Location: The City to Watch,  MA
E-mail: shop@skullykouture.com

The Skully Crew:

Heather is the creator of most of the handmade items sold through SK. She is also responsible for hand-picking your favorite items not directly created in the SK studio. Some refer to her as “Skully” which she proudly accepts that title. When she’s not creating jewelry and art, she’s updating the SK website, online shops, social media platforms and any promotional collateral. Her favorite part of SK is meeting SK fans at conventions, her mission is to put a smile on each customer’s face whether they are approaching or leaving an SK booth, table or trunk show.  When Heather’s not working SK, she’s a Marketing Manager for a local organization that supports individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism.

Wayne is Heather’s right hand man, best friend and husband. Wayne has a keen eye for design so you can thank him for our amazing and thoughtful booth layout. His use of light and texture really help SK radiate at events.  In the SK studio he assists with product choice and has been known to create some handmade pieces of his own. He also handles the finance end of our business, to SK he is the human calculator. Lastly, he’s the muscle behind loading and unloading at events. We don’t know what kind of magic he uses to load the truck but he seems to fit everything with room to spare. By day Wayne is a Manager of a local service business.

Pop Pop (Ben) is Heather’s dad and lead carpenter. Sometimes we give him a napkin with a scribble on it and he always creates something beyond our expectations. You can thank Pop Pop for all of our handmade display pieces. Those giant “doors” that we use in so many events were all made from scratch. He adds unique touches and innovative ideas to the SK traveling trunk show display. SK would not stand-out or shine without his handy work. He also contributes to the productivity business end whether it’s helping with loading/unloading the vehicle, shipping out online orders or packing product. Pop Pop is retired but works more now then when he was a Housing Director for the U.S. Government.

Christine is Heather’s friend and our favorite booth crew member. She works long hours with a smile on her face. Christine makes every show better with her positive energy and ambition to make each customer’s purchase a perfect one. She jumps right in to learn our ever changing product line at each event. When she’s not helping SK, she’s an amazing artist creating shadowboxes and seasonal items. If that wasn’t enough she works by day as a Special Education teacher. And she’s cute as a button to boot!

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